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Tax Amounts Certified, Bills Due Feb 16th
David Thomas
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Tax Amounts Certified, Bills Due Feb 16th

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2022 Property Tax Amounts Certified

Jefferson- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas has certified the property tax amounts payable in 2022 to County Treasurer Angie Maki-Cliff. Tax charges are available for property owners to view on the County Auditor’s website where property owners can print off their bill or view charge summary information. Property owners have until February 16th to pay the first half charge of their property taxes to the County Treasurer.

“This was a rather uneventful year for our office in terms of tax calculation and changes in property information,” explained Auditor Thomas. “Our county only saw a handful of new levies or changes and with it not being a revaluation year, folks should not see much of a change in their charge.”

Four new levies were added to the tax rolls from voter’s passing the measurers at the ballot box last year in addition to several replacement levies which update millage amounts to current market values. The four new levies property owners will see are Plymouth Township’s 5 Mill Fire and Rescue Services, Hartsgrove Township’s 3 Mill Fire Services, and Saybrook Township Park .5 Mill operating levy. Jefferson Village’s 1.5 Mill new Fire Services Levy will be placed on the tax rolls in 2023.

Treasurer Maki-Cliff says her office is ready and prepared to take tax payments now for property owners wishing to pay prior to receiving their bill in the mail. “We have lots of options for people to pay their tax bill,” Maki-Cliff stated, “credit card, check, over the phone, online, and even cash in person if people would like.”

In addition to traditional payments twice a year with first and second half, Maki-Cliff and her office are also reminding property owners that they have the option to pay on a payment plan and work with the Treasurer’s Office on what fits their needs. “We try to be as flexible as possible and are always happy to work with tax payers to lower the burden of tax payments,” explained Maki-Cliff.

Tax bills for nonmobile home properties will be mailed on January 7th, but are available to be paid now.

Thomas acknowledged that no one enjoys paying taxes, “but we have many resources on our website to learn where your charge comes from, what the money goes to, and how you can appeal or lower your tax amount.” The Auditor’s Office has seen a large increase in tax credit applications since Thomas took office which he credits to more outreach and education on offerings such as Homestead, Owner Occupancy, and CAUV. He says now is the time to learn more about those programs and sign up with the Auditor’s Office.

Tax payers are encouraged to ask questions and reach out to either the Auditor or Treasurer’s Office for questions or assistance.

The official certification of taxes to the Treasurer’s Office also starts the clock for Board of Revision complaints explained Thomas. Property owners have until March 31st to file a property value complaint with the Auditor’s Office. “The BOR process is for those who believe that our market value is above what they could have sold their property for on the open market on January 1, 2021,” said Auditor Thomas.

The Auditor’s Office will once again this year be holding education sessions for the public on the CAUV agriculture credit, Board of Revision, and other tax credits.

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