$94,326 Raised at Forfeited Land Sale
David Thomas
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$94,326 Raised at Forfeited Land Sale


Auditor’s Office Sells all Parcels at Forfeited Land Sale


Jefferson- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas held a successful Forfeited Land Sale held at the County Commissioner’s Meeting Room on Wednesday. The Auditor’s Office sold all 76 parcels of land offered for sale for $94,326 at the standing room only auction.

“These sales are positive things because the properties have been abandoned for years and often have good potential for use, but need legal owners and a fresh start,” explained Auditor Thomas. “Getting through the backlog of delinquent properties helps liven up our communities.”

This is Auditor Thomas’ 17th land auction since taking office in 2019. In total, he estimates roughly 550 properties have been auctioned off and received by local taxpayers and turned into productive parcels in the county with the proceeds paying back the local governments.

The sale only included vacant properties with some being buildable parcels and others just side lot accessories. The oldest delinquent property which sold had not seen its taxes paid since 2013. At a minimum these properties take several years of delinquencies and then court proceedings and two prior Vacant Land Sales to reach the Forfeited Land Sale.

Properties available at this auction were from all parts of Ashtabula County, with concentrations in Roaming Shores, Ashtabula, and Conneaut.

Thomas estimates roughly 110 residents and out of county bidders attended the auction, with most buyers first time attendees.

“I always want to make clear that we aren’t kicking grandma out of her home for these sales,” said Auditor Thomas. “Often this property is abandoned and has sat ownerless for years.”

The two highest winning bids were for very different properties. The highest lot sold for $36,000 in a very competitive bidding war. That property is 10 acres of cleared land in Windsor Township. The second highest auctioned property at $3,000 was a .258 acre parcel on Lake Vue in Roaming Shores.

Remaining parcels varied in winning bid amounts, with all selling, a first since Thomas has been in office.

Funds collected will be used to pay the back-tax amounts owed on the properties in addition to court costs and fees. “The enthusiasm for this sale only continues to highlight our strong real estate market in the county and demand for properties,” stated Auditor Thomas. “I also definitely want to thank the Treasurer’s Office and our real estate partners in the Prosecutor’s Office for all of their work to get these properties to sale.”

Those interested in future sales should call 440-576-3785 or email to be placed on a notification list.

(Pictured is Auditor David Thomas, Heather Hall from the Auditor’s Office, Sharon Millard in the Prosecutor’s Office, and Karen Anderson of the Auditor’s Office during a competitive bid.)

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