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Every retailer requires authorization

A Regular Vendor’s license permits selling goods or services for vendors with fixed locations in the county. Vendors must have a license for each fixed location.


A Transient License applies to vendors who participate in temporary businesses and marketplaces, such as flea markets and trade shows. The Ohio Department of Taxation issues transient licenses.


All vendors must file returns electronically. To purchase your license online or file electronically, visit the Ohio Business Gateway to set up an account. For assistance, please read this tutorial.


Both the regular and transient vendor licenses cost $25.00 for the initial application. There are no annual renewal fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current sales tax in Ohio?

Ohio sales tax is 5.75%, but Ashtabula County's sales tax is 6.75%. For information, please call the Department of Taxation’s sales tax payer assistance line at 888-405-4039.

Do I need a new license if I move to a new location?

A vendor who moves an existing business to a new location within Ashtabula County must follow one of these actions:

  • Obtain a new vendor’s license

  • Contact our office to transfer the existing vendor’s license to the new location with the STARS – County Auditor Web Portal

  • Apply to the tax commissioner to transfer the existing vendor’s license to the new location


What if ownership changes?

A change in ownership requires a new vendor license, such as sole proprietor to partnership, partnership to corporation, etc.  

Do I need a new license if I change my mailing address?

No. A new mailing address does not require a new license.

Do seasonal vendors need to file returns?

Yes. Seasonal vendors must file returns even if no sales are made and no taxes due. Failing to file a return will result in fines and penalties.

How can I cancel my vendor’s license?

The owner must file a final return and pay all taxes within 15 days of the final sale.

Will I need any other licenses to conduct retail sales?

 Certain types of businesses require other licenses or permits from different bodies. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Motor vehicle salesBureau of Motor Vehicles

  • Watercraft/outboard motor salesOhio Department of Natural Resources, Watercraft Division

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