November 2019 Levy Calculator

Many voters will see tax levies on the November 5th election ballot. Levies are expressed in millage rates, or the dollar amount per $1,000 of assessed value (35% of the appraised value). For example a levy with a 2.0 millage rate would generate $70 in tax liability on a $100,000 property.

There are three types of levies:

  • Renewal levies extend existing levies at the same millage rate.
  • Replacement levies change existing levies’ reduced millage rates back to the full rate. These types of levies increase tax liability.
  • Additional levies generate tax revenue through new levies, raising the total effective tax rate for a given district.

This calculator estimates how each levy on the ballot affects residential and agricultural properties. Please enter a parcel number and its market value then click “calculate”.

Additional Levies

  • Issue #4 Andover Township - Road and Bridge
  • Issue #13 Dorset Twp - Fire/EMS
  • Issue #25 Windsor Twp - Parks and Rec
  • Issue #27 Ashtabula County District Library
  • Issue #31 Conneaut Twp Park District - Permanent Impt.
  • Issue #40 Ashtabula City - Road and Bridge
  • Issue #41 Conneaut City - Fire/EMS
  • Issue #42 Geneva on the Lake Village - Parks and Rec
  • Issue #45 Roaming Shores Village - Police

Replacement Levies

  • Issue #5 Ashtabula Township - Fire
  • Issue #18 Morgan Twp - Road and Bridge
  • Issue #19 Morgan Twp - Road and Bridge
  • Issue #36 Jefferson Cemetery District- Current Expense


  • See in individual taxing districts below

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