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Licenses must be renewed every year in May

Any person or business who sells and/or transports cigarettes within the county must register for a Retail Cigarette License with the Auditor’s office. The license permits cigarette sales only at the specified location. Please note that a retail cigarette license requires a vendor’s license.


Retail Cigarette Licenses cost $125.00. Any applicants after the fourth Monday in May pay a prorated fee according to the dates found here.


Wholesale Cigarette Licenses are granted by the Ohio Department of Taxation. Visit their website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new cigarette license if I move to a new location?

No. Please notify our office and we will transfer/update your information.

Does my cigarette license apply to all my business locations?

No. Each location requires a separate license. 

Are cigarette licenses attached to the business or owner?

If ownership changes or restructures, the business must reapply for a new license.  

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