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78,000 Parcels

Ashtabula County has more than 78,000 separate parcels of real property. The auditor fairly appraises and assesses every parcel of land and any accompanying building(s). Ohio law calls for a county-wide reappraisal every six years, with an update every three years. Reappraisals create equality among property owners and classes of property.


For taxation purposes, you are assessed at 35% of fair market value. The auditor does not control tax rates. The Ohio Department of Taxation determines tax rates. Tax relief is available through various programs, including Homestead, Current Agricultural Use Value and Forestry.

Appraisal Method


Appraised values reflect fair market values

Appraisers research local market values and consider many factors that influence value, such as:  

  • Physical characteristics such as construction quality, age, structural conditions, desirable features, etc.
  • Recent sales of similar properties provide the best evidence of market value
  • Location and market conditions of neighborhood


Property value may change for a variety of reasons. Physical transformations, such as additions, renovations or damages, affect value in different ways. Property value may also fluctuate based on external market forces, such as industries, housing shortages or economic recession.  

Value Dispute


Meet an Appraiser

While a property owner may contest their home’s appraised value through the Board of Revision, they can also request an informal meeting with one of our appraisers. You may file an appeal if you have solid evidence that proves at least one of these three criteria:

  1. Inaccurate or mislabeled property information, such as a carport instead of a garage
  2. The estimated market value is too high, and you have evidence that similar properties have sold for less
  3. The estimated market value is inequitable because it’s higher than estimated values of similar properties


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Please visit the Board of Revision page for more information.

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