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The Auditor conducts auctions for forfeited lands in the county. The properties are foreclosed and previously offered for sale on two occasions.

Our most recent sale auctioned 139 parcels on July 13th.


Opening bids start at the total amount of all unpaid taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest and costs. If there are no bids, parcels will immediately be auctioned again for the best price obtainable, plus fees. Unsold parcels will be re-offered at a future forfeited land sale.

Each parcel requires a minimum $500 deposit on the date of the sale. Deposits must be cash, bank money orders or certified checks. All deposits and payments are non-refundable.

No person delinquent on property taxes in Ohio may purchase a property. The owner of record or their immediate family cannot purchase the property for a price lower than the opening bid of the sale.

All sales come with the cautionary “As-Is” and “Buyer Beware” labels. Properties are unavailable for tour or inspection before sale. The Auditor gives no warranty or guarantee on any property.

Our office cannot give legal advice. Prospective buyers should consult with an attorney if they have any questions about delinquent bills, liens or any additional costs.

Excess Monies

If any forfeited real property is sold for more than the delinquent taxes and costs to foreclose and forfeit the property, the excess money will be held for the proper owner. Claims must be in writing. The following are monies currently being held:

Owner Parcel Number(s) Property Location Amount
Stack, Joseph 010320020800
5072 Lakeview Dr. $28,405.55

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