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Each year we tax every mobile home in the county. Just like property owners, mobile homeowners pay special taxes twice a year. These taxes are distributed to the local taxing districts just like real estate taxes.


Mobile home transfers require a new title within 30 days of the sale. The new owner follows this process with these offices:

  1. Treasurer stamps old title if all taxes and delinquencies are paid
  2. Auditor’s office transfers the old title to the new owner, with a conveyance fee of $4 per thousand of value and $0.50 per parcel
  3. The Clerk of Courts Title Department issues a new title, with a $20 filing fee


A mobile home may convert to real property. The mobile home owner must:

  • Own both the mobile home and land parcel
  • Surrender the original, lien-free title and pay all remaining taxes
  • Bring in the completed Surrender Affidavit form to our office, with documentation from the Building Department that proves the mobile home sits on a permanent foundation

Relocating and Destroying

Mobile home owners must notify our office before moving to a new location. Before relocating, the owner must pay all mobile home taxes and obtain a $5.00 placard from our office to display during relocation.


To destroy a mobile home, the owner must pay taxes to date and submit a completed Destroyed Manufactured Home form to our office.

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