Tax Incentive Review Committee Met
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Tax Incentive Review Committee Met

County Tax Incentive Review Committee Approve Continued Abatements

Jefferson- The Ashtabula County Tax Incentive Review Committee (TIRC) met at the County Courthouse to review county tax abatements and approve continuance of these programs for county property owners.

Over 20 local officials and government staff members attended the early morning meeting to review seven county tax incentive programs and four local government entities agreements with businesses. The TIRC is comprised of the County Auditor who chairs the committee, two county representatives in addition to the County Commissioner President, a representative from ATech, and two representatives from each local entity where an abated property is located.

“Tax incentive programs are important parts of economic development, but they also cost local governments and could raise tax rates for those not in the programs,” explained County Auditor David Thomas. “That’s why we review the programs yearly to make sure the businesses are living up to their end of the bargain.”

The TIRC looks at the jobs promised and investment planned by the businesses in exchange for tax incentives. Each year members compare current year data of the business to the original application and plans.

The seven county incentive programs were Detrex - Italmatch, Grand River Rubber & Plastics, Mann Management- Napa Auto Parts, Saybrook Lantern, Kennametal, Third Dimension, RH energytrans LLC, and Wholesale Imprints. All were approved by the TIRC as meeting or exceeding the necessary benchmarks.

“I take my position on the Tax Incentive Review Committee very seriously, as we consider granted tax exemptions and evaluate the performance by the recipients of those incentives,” explained County Commissioner Casey Kozlowski. “I appreciate all who serve on this committee and that have worked hard to get us to this point to ensure continued success and growth here in Ashtabula County.”

During this meeting, the members also heard from the Village of Orwell, City of Conneaut and Geneva, and Geneva on the Lake Village for their local incentive programs assisting businesses in each of their subdivisions. No concerns were raised by members during the meeting as local officials reviewed the benchmarks being met.

The recommendations of the TIRC are then sent to the entities with authority over the incentive program to continue with the projects. The TIRC employs the help of Ashtabula County Growth Partnership with Executive Director Greg Meyers serving as the Enterprise Zone Manager.

“I appreciate the work of the board members of the Tax Incentive Review Council to provide thoughtful oversight on the compliance of all of our tax incentive projects throughout the county,” shared Ashtabula County Growth Partner Executive Director Greg Meyers. “This is important economic development work.”

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