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2023 November Levy Estimator Ready
David Thomas
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2023 November Levy Estimator Ready

Click here to view the 2023 November Levy Estimator


County Auditor Levy Estimator is Now Available for November Levies

Jefferson- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas announced the roll out of the November 2023 Levy Estimator before early voting begins in October. This November 7th ballot will see a record 43 tax issues across the county with voters deciding on a variety of levies.

“The online estimator is a great tool for property owners to learn more about the cost of current levies or new ballot questions,” shared Auditor David Thomas. The Levy Estimator page shows residents what is a renewal, additional, or replacement levy and what those mean for their tax burden.

Thomas cautions that with 2023 being a Triennial Property Value Update year, values will be changing for tax bills next year based on the real estate market. The Levy Estimator is still a good tool to use however. 

“We do not have new values available yet, but you can put in your current value to get a baseline,” explained Thomas. “Once new values are available, you can use that figure to estimate your burden from those levies.”

Thomas said the number of levies on the November ballot is the highest he can remember with a variety of entities requesting new or continued money. There are nine additional levies in the county, nine replacement levies, two renewals with an increase, and 23 renewal levies.

The different types of levies are explained on the Auditor’s site. No increase to the property owner or what is called a Renewal Levy which extends the current levy at the same millage rate. Another type of increase is a Replacement Levy which changes the existing levy’s reduced millage rate back to the full rate.

Finally, new or additional levies generate tax revenue through new levies, raising the total effective tax rate for a given district and increasing the homeowner’s tax burden.

 “My goal with this estimator and all of our outreach efforts is to educate and give you the tools to make your own decisions when it comes to your budget,” said Auditor Thomas.

The Auditor’s Office has information on their website to learn about property values, tax rates, and the 2023 State Mandated Triennial update. Residents can also contact their local government entities directly to learn more on the purpose of the funding.

“Taxes are confusing no doubt,” stated Auditor Thomas. “Through our Levy Estimator and outreach efforts I think we are making the process a little easier to understand and if we haven’t, people should never hesitate to reach out.”

For those property owners interested in seeing a breakdown of their taxable amount for each levy passed over the years, Auditor Thomas recommends visiting the Auditor’s website and looking at the Tax Distribution page for your property. This page displays when a levy was passed, the effective tax rate it is currently collecting, and how much the individual property owner pays towards that levy.

Voters will also now see the cost to taxpayers which is estimated based on a $100,000 property in the ballot language similar to the Levy Estimator.

To learn more about levies and property owner’s tax liabilities, residents are encouraged to visit the County Auditor’s website at or call 440-576-3785 to learn more. The Levy Estimator is available under the Real Estate tab on the Auditor’s Home Page.







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