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March 19th Election Levy Estimator Public
David Thomas
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March 19th Election Levy Estimator Public

Visit our Levy Estimator here!


County Auditor Finishes Townhalls, Releases March Primary Levy Estimator

Lenox Township- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas finished his tour of Ashtabula County presenting information on the 2023 Triennial Property Value and Tax Update. Thomas gave six townhalls this year in addition to his five sessions in 2023 on the state mandated update for property values which saw Ashtabula County increase by 32% in residential property value.

“My role as Auditor is very limited with what we can do given the huge growth in the real estate market and tax policy,” explained Auditor Thomas. “What we have been able to do is educate, prepare, and give as much customer service to people to explain as possible.

Thomas estimates over 150 people attended or watch one of his townhalls. Some evenings became heated with conversations over tax increases and fairness over state tax policy. Property owners whose tax bills increased between $500 to $2,000 were common at the townhalls to learn about what happened with their tax amounts and where the money was going.

“Our values are the values of property, they are reflective of the market increase since 2020 and I do not believe there will be much room for any challenges but we still have that option available for individuals,” said Auditor Thomas.

The Auditor’s website displays information on where tax dollars are going and the reasons behind tax increases by district. Of the $19 million in new assessments this year, $12 million is going to school districts, $1 million is the result of new levies, and $6 million is split between all other entities through inside millage.

Those property owners who missed the townhalls can watch them on the Auditor’s website.

At his last townhall in Lenox Township, Thomas announced the March 19th Primary election levy estimator is now available before early voting begins February 21st. There are 15 levies on voters’ ballots this March with some tax districts seeing no levies and other areas having multiple requests.

Voters can use the Auditor’s Levy Estimator to see what a levy would cost their specific property and the type of levy they will see.

“Our key goal is education, we want voters to be informed and property owners to know the role levies and tax rates play in their tax bill,” stated Auditor Thomas.

To learn more about levies and property owner’s tax liabilities, residents are encouraged to visit the County Auditor’s website at or call 440-576-3785 to learn more. The Levy Estimator is available under the Real Estate tab on the Auditor’s Home Page.


(Pictured is Auditor David Thomas speaking to his final townhall at Lenox Township.)







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