Auditor Disburses $78 Million in Property Taxes
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Auditor Disburses $78 Million in Property Taxes

Auditor Disperses $78 Million in Property Tax Dollars

Jefferson- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas announced the distribution of over $78 million in property tax payments to the county’s school districts, municipalities and other governmental entities in Ashtabula County’s settlement of taxes paid during the first-half property tax collection.

“The amount we are disbursing first half of this year is $11 Million more than last year’s first half,” explained County Auditor David Thomas. “This tracks as total assessed taxes are $19 Million more and that amount is then spread over the two collections.”

The increase in property taxes follows several new levies passed last year according to Thomas and the results of the 2023 Triennial Property Value Update seen across the state.

“Remember that value increase does not equal tax increase dollar for dollar thankfully. Most of the levies we vote on and local tax districts do not receive in a great deal of additional new money due to higher values,” said Auditor Thomas.

Of the $19 Million in additional assessed taxes, roughly $12 Million goes to Ashtabula County’s nine school districts, $1 Million in new levies, and the remaining $6 Million divided among all of the remaining taxing entities. Thomas breaks down the changes on the Auditor website and encourages residents to call with questions.

Unvoted tax increases were the result of a portion of all property tax bills called inside or unvoted millage amounting to 10 Mills, or $10 per $1,000 of value applied to new values, which is split among all the entities. The other reason is a guaranteed tax rate amount to school districts which, when the tax rate decreases below 20 Mills, the Auditor’s Office applies the difference in guaranteed rate to properties.

Thomas thanked Pymatuning Valley Schools and Jefferson Local Schools for both agreeing to decrease their tax rate for collections in 2025 in response to higher revenues this year. He plans to work with other local entities on options to lower their tax burden as well.

“I cannot tell you the number of phone calls and emails we have received asking where folks’ extra tax money is going,” shared Auditor Thomas. “We explain the process and where their dollars are going and encourage property owners to ask local entities for what plans they have for the funds and potential for rate decreases.”

Most townships and villages rely almost entirely on property taxes for operations according to Thomas. Services like fire, ambulance, plowing and paving, parks and cemeteries, and others are funded in large part from property taxes.

Of the $78 Million in disbursed money, $42 Million was sent to school districts, $11.7 Million to county agencies, $8.7 Million to the townships, $5.9 Million to cities and villages, and the rest split between libraries, parks, cemeteries, ambulance districts, and others.

The county agencies include $4.1 Million to the Board of Developmental Disabilities, $3 Million to the general fund, $2.3 Million to Children Services, $1.1 Million to Senior Services, $668,000 to Mental Health and Recovery Services, and $403,000 to the Bond Debt Fund.

“From now until the next property value update property owners will only see higher taxes if a new levy passes or they have new construction,” stated Auditor Thomas. “Most properties will see decreases in their taxes in 2025 and 2026 before the next value update.”

Those with questions on their value, property tax credits, or tax distribution can contact Auditor David Thomas at or call 440-576-3785.

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