Forfeited Land Sale a Success
Alex Iarocci
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Forfeited Land Sale a Success

County Auditor Roger Corlett conducted a forfeited land sale on May 16th that was well attended. Auditor Corlett supervised his staff in the auction of over 50 parcels of land, some of those with buildings, for $129,350 in total sales.


When property taxes go unpaid, the county prosecutor begins a foreclosure action that can result in property being forfeited to the State of Ohio. The county auditor is the agent for the State and he is charged with disposing of the property.


To start the auction Auditor Corlett talked to the attendees about the promotion of the auction on his website and how it incorporated an interactive map to help the public better see what was being auctioned.


Once everyone is registered and the rules reviewed, the auction starts. Like in the past, there had been a mix of properties being sold. Looking at the hundreds of properties Auditor Corlett has turned over to new owners, Roger recalls that “two years ago we were able to sell a home to a young man in his early twenties. His mother helped him select a property that she thought he would have a good chance of fixing up. We were especially happy about that sale because there is little that can prepare you for the responsibility of owning a property, and the challenges that go with it, until you live in your own home.” This year’s auction brought in a number of young people that were interested in learning more about real estate.


A handful of properties were vacant, several had homes, and a few had commercial buildings on them. Of those, “there were several notable sales this time. A local developer purchased the former Moses’ grocery store building and the parking lots, and another developer purchased all of the property that was the former Chapman’s Food Services. I am always happy to see good property get another life, but whenever I can get a property turned around that has an economic potential to our community, I am thrilled,” says Corlett.

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