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9/21 - 5 Credit Card Skimmers Found in Statewide Sweep

Five illegal credit card skimmer devices were removed from gas pumps throughout Ohio during a state-wide sweep over Labor Weekend. Coordinated by the County Auditors Association of Ohio, more than 80 weights and measures inspectors visited 1,400 gas stations and examined 12,000 gas pumps.


Most of the discoveries occurred in Northwest Ohio, with two in Erie County, one in Fulton County and one in Sandusky County. Another skimmer popped up in Greene County, just southeast of Dayton.


Ashtabula County inspectors found no credit card skimmers in an extensive search, covering 270 pumps across 39 stations.


“Although no skimmers were found here, we will continue to be proactive in addressing the skimming crime in our county” said Auditor Roger Corlett.


Click here for the full press release.

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