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Auditor Discovers Mobile Home Software Error, Corrects Issue for Homeowners

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Jefferson- A software systems error with the Ashtabula County Auditor’s Office Real Estate system was recently discovered leading to notices sent to mobile home owners in Ashtabula County. The issue resulted in the 2020 Revaluation values intended to be placed on 2,438 parcels to not be effective, meaning their old previous value was used in error for first half tax bills sent to property owners.

“Essentially, instead of being taxed on their January 1, 2021 value these mobile home owners were taxed on their January 1, 2020 value due to a software issue,” explained County Auditor David Thomas.

The Auditor’s Office discovered this issue in February and took action by notifying mobile home owners immediately as changes in second half billing will occur for the parcels. “When our office makes an error, I want every resident in Ashtabula County to know that we will be upfront and transparent about it and work quickly to fix the issue,” explained Auditor Thomas.

67 property owners will see a value increase of more than $5,000 in market value, while 275 will realize a $5,000 or more decrease in their market value for 2021. The correct and updated values are available on the Ashtabula County Auditor’s website for property owners to inspect the value which was incorrectly used for first half billing and the correct value and tax amount for second half billing.

 “A vast majority will actually see a tax credit due to this issue. The mobile home values which should have been charged are $2,932,900 less than the previous year,” said Thomas. “The average mobile home property owner will see a $17.18 credit on their second half bill or get a check for the difference if they paid the amount in full and request a refund.”

Values fluctuate and change depending upon location of the mobile home, age, condition, and a variety of other factors according to the Auditor’s Office. Property owners who disagree with their new mobile home property value still have the opportunity to file a Board of Revision complaint with the County Auditor’s Office before March 31, 2021.

“The ability to file a BOR is one of the reasons we acted so quickly on this issue and notified property owners,” explained Thomas. “We didn’t want anyone to miss their chance to file a complaint against their new value. Thankfully owners will have over a month to do so before March 31.”

Mobile home property owners with questions are encouraged to contact the County Auditor’s Office to discuss their concerns at 440-576-3785 or by emailing Auditor Thomas at . According to the Auditor, homeowners will not need to make any changes until second half billing when their new value will be applied for tax calculation.

Those who paid the year in full already have two options to receive their credit if one is owed to them. They can either allow the credit to be applied in 2022 to their next bill, or request a refund check if they are owed money.

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