Townhalls for CAUV Increases, Values, & Levies
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Townhalls for CAUV Increases, Values, & Levies

1. Wednesday, September 27th 6pm Colebrook Townhall Community Center, 682 US Rt. 322 Colebrook, OH 44076

2. Tuesday, October 3rd 6pm Kingsville Public Library Simak Welcome Center 3105 School Street Kingsville, OH 44048

3. Tuesday, October 10th 6pm Childs-Williams-Ducro Funeral Home Community Room (at the former Pierpont Elementary School) 1071 St. Rt. 7 Pierpont, OH 44082

4. Monday, October 16th 6pm Austinburg Township Hall 2794 St. Rt. 307, Austinburg, OH 44010


See Information on the 2023 State Mandated Triennial Property Value Update

Learn about the State Mandated CAUV Value Change for Soil Types



Auditor’s Office to hold four Evening Townhalls on the Property Value Increases

Jefferson- County Auditor David Thomas doesn’t go in the public much these days without property owners asking what will be happening to their property taxes next year. Thomas though says he doesn’t mind the many questions, and in fact welcomes residents to reach out and ask about the 2023 State Mandated Triennial Property Value Update.

“We’ve been discussing this since 2022 with communities on what the real estate market is doing and how we are mandated to capture changes and update property values,” explained Auditor Thomas.

Thomas plans to continue his outreach efforts started during the 2020 Mass Revaluation by holding local townhall meetings, sending postcards, having an online value portal, and sharing information through the Auditor’s website.

The Auditor’s Office will be holding four evening education sessions on the 2023 State Mandated Triennial Property Value Update, Levies on the November Ballot, and CAUV value changes in the coming weeks.

September 27th at 6pm at the Colebrook Township Hall, October 3rd at 6pm at the Kingsville Public Library, October 10th at 6pm at the Pierpont Childs-Williams-Ducro Funeral Home Community Room, and October 16th at 6pm at the Austinburg Township Hall.

“These are especially important for those on CAUV and in the agricultural community as the Ohio Department of Taxation has increased the CAUV soil values once again,” said Auditor Thomas.

Attendees can learn about changes in values due to the real estate market and what to expect following the update year in 2024. Discussions on the increases to CAUV values mandated by the State Department of Taxation will also be had to answer questions and show information for property owners.

“I cannot stress enough, property value increases do not equal dollar for dollar property tax increases percentage wise,” shared Auditor Thomas. “Our role is to get an accurate measure of your property’s market value as of January 1, 2023 compared to your old values based on 2020.”

Thomas emphasized his role in tracking the market and assessing what is passed by voters at the ballot box with levies in addition to taking what is directed by the state for CAUV values. He believes sharing information early, before tax bills hit in the winter, will help property owners prepare for changes and make knowledgeable voting decisions on levies this November.

Those with questions can contact County Auditor David Thomas at 440-576-3785 or

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