New 2023 Property Values Released
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New 2023 Property Values Released

View your neighborhood sales and new value with our Portal here. Or, use our Property Search Feature in the Toolbar above to see your New 2023 Market Value. The informal appeal period is done, but formal value complaints can be made to the Board of Revision between Jan 1-April 1.


Key Takeaways- 

  • Value increases do not equal dollar for dollar tax increases
  • Every 3 years the State mandates a Triennial Update of market values in every county based on neighborhood real estate sales. 
  • Ashtabula County has our Triennial Update in 2023 which will change values on tax bills in 2024. 
  • Unlike the 2020 Mass Revaluation, the 2023 Triennial Update has no field inspections and the changes are not based on each individual property, rather neighborhood sales over the last 3 years. 
  • Tentative values are available now based on market value of January 1, 2023. Taxes paid in 2024 will reflect this new value. 2024 Tax Rates will not be ready until December.

Frequently Asked Questions-

  • Q: I've done nothing to my house, why did my value increase? A: The market determines value for real estate. The market moves up and down as buyers purchase property. Your old value is from the 2020 market and your new value is based on 2023. 
  • Q: What will my taxes be? A: It is too early to say before levies are adjusted and effective tax rates determined in December. 
  • Q: Why did you change my value? A: Every 3 years Ohio has counties update property values to remain consistent for taxation and update to date with market data. 
  • Q: Where will my increase in taxes go? A: Most levies are fixed revenue, meaning we decrease the tax rate as your value increases to generate the same district revenue. 10 mills of your tax rate moves with value and is split among all local entities. An additional amount is guarunteed to all school districts. 

-Great article from the Columbus Dispatch with an overview of Property Tax need to knows.

-Learn about the CAUV changes here.


-View a Map of the Sales used for the 2023 Triennial Property Value Update

-View a Map of Ashtabula County Value changes by neighborhood

-View a Map of each Local Government Area Value Changes by neighborhood


2023 State Mandated Triennial Tentative Property Values Released

Jefferson- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas announced the release of the 2023 State Mandated Triennial tentative values on the Auditor’s website. Residents are being mailed postcards informing property owners of the new values and how to appeal tentative values to the Auditor’s Office.

“We have made this process as transparent as possible”, shared Auditor David Thomas. “We have held townhalls, webinars, have an easy to use online portal, and are happy to talk with anyone that has questions.”

Thomas emphasized in his postcards and online resources that residents should remember that value increase does not equal dollar for dollar tax increases and that their new market value reflects the current market in 2023 compared to the previous value from 2020.

The Auditor’s Office encourages residents to visit where they can view their current value, new tentative 2023 value, and frequently asked questions for the process in addition to their levy estimator for this November’s election. Those without access to a computer can contact the Auditor’s Office at 440-576-3783.

Property owners can also informally challenge their new value through the Auditor’s Office portal and have their value review by a staff member. This process will occur until November 9th for complaints to be submitted.

“These tentative values will also include farmers’ CAUV change so they can see what their new CAUV value is as well in addition to all residential property owners”, explained Auditor Thomas.

Thomas has been vocal in his townhalls and discussions with Columbus leaders that while he believes Ohio has a tax problem, not a value problem, the CAUV value change spike must be addressed with a long-term solution.

One of the most common questions asked to the Auditor’s Office during public outreach on the 2023 State Mandated Triennial is how a change in property value impacts taxes. The reappraisal itself does not change taxes as it only updates property values to reflect additions or damage to property, as well as changes in the real estate market.

“Tax rates change to collect the same revenue each year for most levies. So the total amount brought in stays constant, but how individual property owners pay changes in relation to their values proportion of the tax district’s value,” shared Auditor Thomas. “There are some levies and some parts of your bill that will move with value increases.”

The Auditor’s Office will be unable to give property owners their new tax rates until the end of 2023 following changes in levies voted in the November election and other end of year tax calculations.

Tax Levy information and potential impacts to property tax bills are also available on the Auditor’s website using the Levy Estimator. The November election has 43 levy issues across Ashtabula County which will have impacts on tax bills for 2023.

“With this postcard, we also want to remind residents of the tax credits available to them,” said Auditor Thomas. Homestead, Owner Occupancy, and CAUV are the three options touted by the Auditor’s Office as tax lowering opportunities. Information on these programs is available on the Auditor’s website at or by calling 440-576-3783.

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